Eunice for Scottish Woman

I photographed model and broadcaster Eunice Olumide for the first time last year and we recently collaborated again when I was asked to photograph her for the cover of Scottish Woman Magazine. We shot it on a rather windy and chilly April afternoon on Portobello Beach in Edinburgh (although I really shouldn’t complain - I wasn’t the one running around barefoot in dresses!). Eunice put together a truly stellar team for this and you can check the results below:

Styling: Michelle Watson Creative + Daina Renton
Make Up: Sharon Cuthbert
Photo Assistance: Mary Scott

Behind the Scenes:

Nikon D850 + Nikkor 85mm f1.4
Profoto A1
RoundFlash Beauty Dish


Stuart and Kirsty, the styling dream team behind I'll Be Your Mirror, kindly approached me earlier this year to work with them on promotional images for HOT GEM's promising young singer/songwriter Monkoora. The artist's beautiful red hair provided the perfect opportunity for us to indulge in our shared Guy Bourdin obsession and it was his work as well as photographs by Nadia Lee Cohen that populated our mood board for the shoot. I'm working with I'll Be Your Mirror again in a couple of weeks (excited!), in the meantime here are some images from the Monkoora shoot:


Photography: Kris Kesiak
Styling & Art Direction: I'll Be Your Mirror
Hair: Lisa at Byers & Birrell
Make Up: Colette Murphy
Clothes: Silken Favours, Isolated Heroes
Locations: The Variety Bar, 13th Note

Electric Waterfalls

My very first shoot this year was a blast! I met singer/songwriter Caroline Gilmour in 2014 and we collaborated then on her Paper Planes release. We got together again in January this year to shoot cover and promo images for her brand new EP Electric Waterfalls (released this month). Vivienne Masters was in charge of styling the shoot and Caroline Stewart did wonders with hair and make up:

Some behind the scenes shots for you:

And a look at the final release
(CD and 7" Limited Edition Vinyl - you can listen to a preview here):