New & Old Beginnings

Uhm, yeah, so I have no clue what happened to me and the whole idea of rebooting this blog, i.e. writing regularly. You know, like maybe more than once in 6 months. It's been a weird year so far though, both personally and professionally, so sitting down and writing about pretty pictures wasn't at the height of my priorities. Anyways, onwards and upwards and since photography has recently officially become my sole source of income and full-time occupation I should hope I'd be able to blog about it more regularly. Famous last words, right? Anyways, since this is a new beginning of sorts for me I thought it would only be fitting to talk about my actual photographic roots and I've recently found a picture that might be a great illustration of this:


This is my younger sister Ania, victim of many photographic experiments since her early years. I'm pretty sure this was around 1992 so I would've been 12 - 13 years old and as you can see this was a high concept shoot - set decoration included exotic plant and the subject's hair was styled on Lisa Stansfield during her "All Around The World" phase. The camera was a semi-automatic Samsung if I'm not mistaken and some basic Kodak film was used. And of course, we need to give a special mention to the innovative use of white background here. The point is, I clearly didn't have the tools and knowledge to execute what I had in mind but the concept was there. I'd like to think I've come a long way since then but the truth of the matter is I still quite often feel like I'm basically winging it.

The aforementioned Samsung camera got eventually stolen and to replace it my parents got me a proper SLR, a second-hand Zenit 11, and that's when I got a bit more serious about photography - learned how to develop film, prints, etc. I've still got that Zenit kicking about: