Radio Pulse Interview 2017

It was over a year ago that Diana Schad interviewed me for Radio Pulse on her Night Nurse music show. Being the only non-musician to ever be featured on the show I was surprised (and delighted!) to be invited back last month. Listen below for more talk about photography; which magazine I'd like to have my work featured in; travelling in Scotland, my music choices and more:


Radio Pulse Interview 2016

I was recently invited by Diana Schad to be interviewed on her Night Nurse show on Radio Pulse. We chatted about photography, music and I got to play a few of my favourite tracks. Diana also kindly played "Make It Work" - one of my own songs from an EP I released in 2007 when I was trying to be a singer/songwriter. Who would've thought it would ever get a radio premiere? You can listen to the interview here:

Here I am waiting to go on air:


Tristan Cameron Harper

I've been meaning to do this post for ages but keeping this blog up to date is clearly not high on my agenda (despite the "UPDATE BLOG" scribbles on my notice board as well as notifications on my iPhone...)! Anyways.... Towards the end of last year, I had the pleasure of working with model/ice hockey player Tristan Harper. I rarely do TFP shoots so I'm quite careful about which projects I choose to get involved with under this banner. This one seemed like an interesting opportunity however as I didn't have photos of such bearded, tattooed and slightly rough around the edges guys in my portfolio. Tristan turned out to be an absolute gentleman and a total pleasure to work with. Results below:

After shoot selfie with Tristan.

After shoot selfie with Tristan.