Blog Reboot

OK, I think it's time to re-boot this blog. I mean, my last post was in August and that's just embarrassing. In my defence, when I started this whole blogging idea I still had a full time job which combined with shooting over the weekends/in the evenings and editing till late at night left little room (let alone inspiration) for writing. That's one side of the coin. The other one is that I've admittedly been struggling with the concept - who, in all honesty, cares about my latest photography commission? Turning this into a kind of photo advice blog is not gonna work cause that's just not me. Focusing on the technical aspects of the photos would bore me to death and I'd probably burst into tears if I had to come up with those lighting set up diagrams. Plus, there are people out there who do it already and with more competence than I could ever hope for. I keep reading online advice about how your blog should be SEO friendly, have meta here and bollocks there and while I'm sure it's all very important I simply cannot write having all that as my main focus. I used to keep a regular online journal a decade ago (before the word blog entered our collective lexicon) but that came quite effortlessly and I truly enjoyed it at the time. So I've decided to hell with trying to be Google-friendly (not like that was working anyways, let's face it) and write for the fun of it. Well, that's the idea anyways. Cheers to that then and Happy New Year!