Glen Etive Whisky Photoshoot at Table 11
Glen Etive Whisky Photoshoot at Table 11

Had a really busy weekend - shooting, then editing-editing-editing, then some more shooting and, yes, more editing. My social interactions have been lately limited to the people in front of my camera or, as was the case in yesterday's shoot, to a lone bottle of whisky:

That's me doing some product shots for Glen Etive Whisky at Crabshakk's Table 11 (side note: you should seriously go and try their food if you haven't had the chance yet - it's amazing).

I've got about a year's worth of paper work to sift through: receipts, bills, statements and other highly exciting bits of the sort. To say I'm not particularly motivated when I glance at this pile would be an understatement of the decade...