Back To Reality

Can't seem to get back into the swing of things this week. Had an amazing time in Sardinia and although I'm glad to be back in Glasgow I do feel a bit, ehm, deflated? I mean, how can you not be when this isn't you everyday view anymore:

sardinia 34 (2).jpg

Ah well, till next time I suppose.

Anyways, instead of sitting and whinging about how Finnieston doesn't really resemble the coast of Italy I should be working. Still got the holiday snaps to edit and earlier on this evening I had my first photoshoot with the Scottish band Skerryvore. It was a fun session and we used Bath Lane and The Butterfly & The Pig as locations.


As you can see, the change in scenery is really marginal... It's safe to say that the lovely Clare-Ann from Hotpants Media, who is helping here with the reflector, is the most pleasant part of the surroundings ;-).

Right, it would appear I've got some editing to be getting on with...